: URJe Call for Papers

After its transition to this new platform, URJe was relaunched at the Undergraduate Research Conference, EURECA in 2014. On that occasion, the editors issued a call for papers for the next issue:



We invite you to submit your best research-based work to URje



The Undergraduate Research Journal (URJe) is a multi-modal, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed open-access publication for Undergraduate research and creative works.

URJe is committed to showcasing student works of inquiry and investigation in a variety of genres:

  • research articles
  • book/article reviews
  • creative writing
  • documentaries
  • business proposals
  • audio/visual recordings of the various artistic forms of expression

Research-based original works are accepted for any discipline in the undergraduate curriculum. 

Review Procedure

The URJe Editorial Board, consisting of faculty from the different disciplines, reviews all submissions, and publishes a selection of works that make an original intellectual or creative contribution, at a high level of scholarship and expression.

By submitting your work for consideration, you are granting permission for the work to be published.  If you have already submitted your work to another publication, or you wish to publish elsewhere, you must notify the Editorial Board at urje@aucegypt.edu, to clarify copyright issues.

ISSN: 2356-8976