A New Look at Egypt’s Brain Drain Within AUC

Iman Dawood


The emigration of highly skilled and educated Egyptian citizens has been on-going for decades and has had a relatively negative effect on Egypt’s development. Drawing on
results obtained from AUC students, this research assesses the extent to which the brain drain is an issue for this particular community. Questionnaires were handed out to
100 Egyptian undergraduate students—both male and female – in order to gauge a rough estimate of the number of AUC students who plan on traveling and living abroad as well as their reasons for doing so. The research showed that 90% of students wished to live abroad. In addition, interviews were held with Egyptian professors to discuss potential reasons for Egyptian nationals to remain within their country as well as the
ways in which Egyptian emigrants can counteract some of the effects of the brain drain.


Brain Drain; Higher Education; Emigration; Mobility

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